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Globtier application development founded on C, C++, Java, J2EE, VB and Asp.NET is marked by finesse born of experience founded on expertise through highest levels of qualifications of each team member. Focused as we are on technological perfection and agile development as well as lean code we also emphasize relevant factors such as cost effectiveness, ease of use, future upgrades, cross platform compatibility, thorough test before deployment and, of course, the vital support before, during and after implementation.

Globtier is the preferred source for C, Java or Microsoft Technologies simply because we have diverse teams made up of specialists in each discipline, capable of taking on small to large scale engagements and delivering in time. Ultimately, performance defines quality of development as attested by leading clients and in this, we are simply far ahead in coming up with innovative wizardry in technological implementations.

If you are looking for application development that is affordable as well as top notch in quality, Globtier is your first and last choice. We have the expertise and experience of 3 centers of excellence manned by 500 trained and qualified staff. We go beyond technicalities to understanding clients, their needs, competition, market requirements and end user experience in putting together applications that tick all the right boxes.