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Globtier multi-segment corporate software solutions address virtually all needs of organizations whether they are small, medium or large in size. From SAP/HANA, Oracle and PeopleSoft implementations at the ERP level to offering solutions based on C, C++, Java, Microsoft and Open Source technologies, we take on challenges and fulfill tough tasks with practiced mastery.

Our teams are specialized and segregated into specific areas of expertise yet collaborative effectively and seamlessly when it comes to design, development and deployment of solutions for corporate organizations. This translates to filtering down of top tier technologies and concepts into tailor made solutions that are a cut above the rest and enhanced productivity as well as maximized ROIs. Globtier serves all segments such as financial services, brokerage, retail, wholesale healthcare, investment and retail banking, telecom, ISPs, Insurance and Real Estate, to name only a few. Sophistication of implementation of underlying technologies is complemented by the easiest to use user interface blended with security.

Globtier itself is not a small company. We have staff strength of about 500 spread over 3 locations in 3 different continents and we understand how corporate entities work, being one ourselves. This means we start better by knowing the needs and then apply our expertise to developing solutions that deliver on all counts while staying within budgets. Time can be of the essence and in this area too we shine because experience and manpower and a systematic approach make it all possible.

Wide-ranging expertise in diverse IT related fields and our global centers of excellence in 3 countries led by experienced managers give us the cutting edge in understanding clients, leveraging technology and developing solutions in record time to exceed expectations. You could get SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft or SalesForce technical solutions from technically competent vendors but with Globtiers it is a different story. We include people and user experience in the equation.