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Globtier addresses customer needs of support with a well defined customer support process through its centers of excellence. Each client is different and needs different type and level of support for the service we deliver. In this perspective we tailor our support process and procedure to align with needs of the situation as well as goals of client.

The process starts right from when we initiate discussions with clients in order to understand in depth their requirements. Knowledge building is part of the customer support process that also takes the help of tools and methodology to define the service support structure. Support continues during the development and implementation stage where training and capability building become an essential part of the way forward. It does not end with delivery: we are always analyzing progress of clients, their roadblocks and taking in feedback to smoothen the path for future use.

Outsourcing customer support is necessary and, if it is not done right, it can lead to huge dissatisfaction levels that no company can afford because customers leave and let the world know. Leave customer support to Globtier and we guarantee highest levels of support to your customers, the same way you would take care of them but with none of the attendant high costs.