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Globtier Knowledge Process is outstanding in delivering superior services for companies that want nothing less than the best but at far reduced prices and with much greater reliability. We serve enterprises worldwide through our centers of excellence based in New Jersey, UK and India, offering wide ranging knowledge process services that encompass legal services, big data analytics, research, financial consultancy, medical, healthcare, HR and management.

A strong presence in each country, access to highly qualified, experienced and expert human resources is the springboard for our assurance of quality KPO services. With total staff strength of over 500, a significant part of which comprises of highly qualified people, we can take on any project of any size and in any domain. Not only are these “knowledge experts” thoroughly conversant with their topic of specialization but, with training, also have full knowledge of specific country’s laws or practices relevant to the process. This is topped by prompt execution, submissions ahead of schedule and full support to help clients reduce costs while being assured of quality KPO services.

Globtier enforces and followers more stringent parameters for knowledge process outsourcing because of the critical nature of the service. We have separate teams right from the top to the bottom to handle this division and it is a matter of pride that we serve top countries worldwide through our three centers of excellence located in three continents, matching expectations for quality, innovations and timeliness.