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Why content crowdfunder Patreon is halting its hated fee change

13-Dec-2017 Josh Constine

Overhauling the creative economy turns out to be tricky. Following massive backlash, Patreon is at least temporarily pausing its plan to change its payment..

Target is buying Alabama-based, same-day delivery service Shipt for $550 million

13-Dec-2017 Jonathan Shieber

Target, America's other favorite old-line retailer (the one that's not Walmart), is buying delivery startup Shipt in a $550 million all-cash transaction. The..

Apple invests $390 million in TrueDepth component maker Finisar

13-Dec-2017 Romain Dillet

Apple announced a substantial investment in Finisar. Apple is giving Finisar $390 million to build a new 700,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in Sherman,..

Here’s what people were Googling in 2017

13-Dec-2017 Brian Heater

There are few metrics in the world that offer as much insight into our society as Google’s annual “Year in Search.” More than any of the other year-end..

Dell XPS 13 review

11-Dec-2017 Joe Osborne

The best laptop to date once again

How waterproof is your phone? IP68, IP67 and more ratings explained

11-Dec-2017 James Peckham

Can your phone take a dunk? Here’s how to find out

Why we love Star Wars

11-Dec-2017 Nick Pino

Half explanation, half apology for haters of the series

PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR bundles get a big price cut for one week only

10-Dec-2017 Brendan Griffiths

Act fast if you want one of these PS4 Pro or PSVR deals

Samsung Galaxy S9 release date, news and price rumors

11-Dec-2017 Gareth Beavis

Looking ahead to 2018

AR Stickers on the Google Pixel 2 make Android Oreo even sweeter

11-Dec-2017 Cameron Faulkner

A cool exclusive for Pixel users

Net neutrality is a double-edged sword for small ISPs

13-Dec-2017 Timothy J. Seppala

It'll eliminate paperwork, sure, but it may hurt customers at the same time.

Renault's concept EV drove me at 80MPH while I wore a VR headset

13-Dec-2017 Steve Dent

I'm driving the multimillion-dollar Symbioz EV concept on a highway in France when Renault-Nissan Senior VP Ogi Redzik hands me an Oculus VR headset. "Put it on...

Modern copyright law can't keep pace with thinking machines

13-Dec-2017 Andrew Tarantola

Can our copyright laws continue to keep pace with the march of technological progress?

Trump approves federal ban on Kaspersky

13-Dec-2017 Mariella Moon

Kaspersky's federal ban is now official after the president signed a broader defense policy spending bill.

PepsiCo pre-orders 100 Tesla electric semi trucks

13-Dec-2017 Rob LeFebvre

PepsiCo may have pre-ordered the largest fleet of Tesla semis, yet.