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Globtier is perfectly positioned with centers of excellence in the world’s top IT hubs like USA, UK and India to offer global offshore development services at a fraction of the price one would pay in one’s home country but with no compromise on technological superiority. The time difference factor also gives us an advantage in bringing products faster to market. When you outsource development to Globtier you are assured of world class benchmarking models, assurance of full tests, full support and guarantees backing our services.

Reduction in cost may be one of the biggest benefits of outsourced offshore development by Globtier in its diverse centers of excellence. More importantly, offshored development assures technical excellence too. Our outlook is to deliver transformations for the short, near and long term at just the right price. In existence since 14 years and more, Globtier assures full support today, tomorrow and in the future and at a fraction of the cost one would incur, again because of our outsourced development models designed to benefit customers. Where time is of the essence, our spread of over 500 people in various locations work day and night

One of the reasons why there is hesitation about going in for offshore development is the issue of continuity. No one can afford to spend money and invest resources only to find out that a vendor is no longer available. With Globtier as your offshored (and rightshored too) partner, this issue does not arise because we will always be there for you. More, for peace of mind we transfer all code and background material, if so desired and if agreed upon, to clients so that they can modify or amend as they please if and when required in future.