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As one of the world’s leading IT development companies handling everything from core C, Java and VB development and Open Source development to developments on Oracle and SAP, we have one of the finest QA testing labs. Globtier QA and testing solutions are available for clients as part of the development service in order to assure a bug-free deployment is in place, fully tested prior to deployment and afterwards too. Our QA and test solutions are also available for individual and third party software developers on reasonable terms. Equipped not only with IT hardware infrastructure but also the right people to handle software quality assurance and testing, we assure fast turnaround times.

Iterative testing to find out all bugs is necessary since resolution of one issue can throw up another set of issues and cause problems. User way of working and the hardware as well as software platform can also be a cause of issues. Globtier QA and testing solution service factors in virtually all the variables and tests to find out and weed out all anomalies. Third party developers and developers with limited access to QA and test facilities can easily take advantage of our set up to enhance performance of their applications as well as enhance their reputations.