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Globtier offers comprehensive staff recruitment processes on outsourced basis covering the entire gamut of HR. Our processes are aligned with a client’s HR and organizational strategy in order to achieve desired end objectives.

The process factors in such vital parameters such as candidate acquisition, performance feedback, career development path, work environment and leadership. Acquisition of right talent is a crucial process where we use the right set of assessment tools, select candidates with care and assist with the onboarding process. This is followed by our performance monitoring service that is linked with rewards to motivate employees. Retention is just as important, covered by designing a growth path for candidates based on performance and talent. Performance is related to work environment and our process includes recommendations to make life at work stimulating, enjoyable and rewarding. Recruits need inspiration and our recruitment process addresses managers and leaders to become inspirational. We do not just recruit candidates; we recruit long term assets.

We fully understand that the extent of involvement of an external agency may vary according to established processes. You will find Globtier flexible and adaptable in this respect. You can leave entire processes to us and be assured of satisfactory outcomes supported by full reporting. You can involve us only in some processes and we will be happy to be of help. Either way, we deliver value that will work in your favor.