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Technology evolves and so do business methodologies. An agile company always seeks to upgrade its existing technologies and, if circumstances dictate it, migrate to better solutions. Globtier offers outstanding best practices in upgradation and migration of services through its migration toolkits and a well defined process. The migration process covers vital aspects like pre-migration analysis and assessment, preparation, pre-downtime, downtime and migration followed by post migration support to iron out the kinks. It is a painless and seamless transition expertly handled by our specialists in migration and upgrades.

We have teams specializing in Oracle Fusion Application Migration, PeopleSoft upgrades to latest releases and SAP HANA upgrades and migration. We can handle migration to custom applications, tailor the migration to lower versions or upgrade/modify functionality for customer specified requirements. Our service includes complete assessment to consider whether migration is desirable and is worth the cost or not and recommendations to upgrade based on leveraging advanced features available in latest versions.

Upgrades and migration can be smooth processes or they can be a path strewn with hassles depending on existing configurations and desired outcomes. With Globtier by your side you never have to worry because, in all these years, we have come across every type of upgrade and migration scenario and have handled them exceedingly well with absolute confidence and competence. Our customers’ feedbacks say everything about us. Give us a try and you will see how different we are in handling upgrades and migration services.